8 Valid Reasons Why Students Hate Writing

Many students loathe writing and would do just about anything within their power to avoid it. However, getting good grades and excelling in college largely depends on their ability to write and submit quality work. Students hate writing for many reasons, and the most prominent ones are as follows.

Poor Reading Habits

Good reading skills translate to good writing skills. However, many students fail terribly at developing a reading habit that could widen their imagination and help them become better writers. Apart from gaining knowledge, students who read widely enlarge their vocabulary and experience a better flow of ideas and thoughts when writing. Nowadays, there are tons of materials to read on limitless topics, thanks to the internet. While reading comes naturally to some students, a majority have to learn the habit. Luckily, once you develop an interest in reading, there is no turning back, and it becomes much easier to write.

They Find It Boring

Writing requires concentration and passion, and where the writer feels bored, they may produce a boring essay as well. One thing that makes many writers feel bored is the feeling that whatever they are writing has been done before, and there are no new ideas to include. Many times, students lack enough inspiration to write but write anyway to avoid punishment from their tutors. The best approach to tackle boredom is for students to change their mindset and embrace writing as a necessary activity in their school life. Once students change their attitude, they can easily write about any topic under the sun, no matter how uninspiring it might be.

Lack of Confidence

Confidence plays a significant role in writing, and where the student feels inadequate or doubt their ability to write and tackle various topics, it can dampen their writing skills. One factor that leads to a lack of confidence is inadequate writing experience. Every confident writer must start somewhere and write until they no longer feel incompetent. Constant practice is essential for any student who wishes to improve their level of confidence. Once you write regularly, especially on a specific subject, you realize more confidence and no longer experience the inner struggle that made you doubt your ability to deliver quality writing. To boost their confidence, students can collaborate with writing experts on platforms like write my essays by for a clearer picture of essay requirements.

Failure to Plan

Some students ignore important steps in the writing process that can make their work a breeze. One crucial step for any writer is researching the topic and gathering as much information as possible before starting to write. Adequate research ensures that students have a wide selection of ideas to help them write comprehensively. Students who start writing without a proper structure and strategy experience difficulty coming up with content, making even the simplest of topics appear complex. The result is a dislike for the whole writing process.

Fear of Criticism

Writing is never easy, and many students encounter discouraging remarks from their tutors at some point. While this criticism is mostly in good faith, it may have an undesirable outcome, where the student fears expressing themselves only to encounter disapproval. This fear can fuel writing apprehension, making students hate their writing assignments. A better approach to criticism is to accept it as a necessary aid in achieving writing excellence. Getting an honest evaluation of your work can provide useful insights to help you recognize areas that require improvement.

Inability to Connect Essays to Their Lives

The world has changed dramatically over the years, and one of the reasons students dislike writing is their inability to connect the essays they write to their daily living. They are unable to draw out the connection between writing and their future careers and see it as a waste of their time.

Students that face this dilemma include those taking technical subjects like architecture, engineering, IT, accounting, and manufacturing. The resulting disconnect makes such students loathe writing as they view it as an irrelevant activity that has little bearing on their career.

Poor Time Management

Student unable to write because of poor time management

In the absence of time discipline, it is difficult to tackle assignments without experiencing undue pressure. Writing a good essay requires adequate time for research and a drafted guideline to steer the conversation. Students who procrastinate end up doing their writing assignments close to the submission date. As a result, writing becomes a harrowing experience for them since they have to capture a lot in limited time. Over time, this develops into a habit, making every writing assignment a painful task. There is no quick fix for such students, and the surest way to help them appreciate time management as a prerequisite to flawless writing.

Writing Is Demanding

The demanding nature of writing elicits hate from a number of students. Student life is full of exciting activities, and sitting down to write means that these students have to forego the fun. Apart from preparing to write, the student has to get into the right state of mind and prepare for eventualities like revisions. Proofreading and editing are also necessary and require a considerable amount of time. All these elements of writing make it demanding and undesirable to many students who would rather find something else to do.

These are a few reasons that make students detest writing. When students hate writing, their academic performance bears the brunt and finding ways to make writing enjoyable is rewarding to both students and educators. Students should take disappointments like a failure as a stepping stone to better writing and success, academically and professionally.

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