Child Development: A Cultural Approach – PDF

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  • Authors: Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, Ashley Maynard
  • File Size: 93 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 560 pages
  • Publisher: Pearson; 1st edition
  • Publication Date: October 5, 2012
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0205938892
  • ISBN-13: 9780205938896

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Child Development: A Cultural Approach – eBook PDF

Help college students understand how culture impacts development – and why it matters. – Through current research and examples from around the world, Arnett/Maynard’s Child Development: A Cultural Approach (PDF) provides college students with a more accurate and practical understanding of how development works in the real world. Whether they travel the world or remain in their home towns, university students will benefit from being able to think culturally about human development and our culturally diverse and globalized world. New U.S. and international videos, shot in several countries, allow all students to observe differences and similarities in human development across cultures.

MyDevelopmentLab (not included in this sale) is an integral part of the Arnett/Maynard program. Key learning applications include a personalized study plan, MyDevelopmentLab Video Series, and MyVirtualChild.

A better teaching and learning experience

The teaching and learning experience with this program helps to:

  • Explore Research – Students are presented with examples and current research from around the world.
  • Support Instructors – All supplements were developed around the textbook’s carefully constructed learning objectives.
  • Understand Culture and Diversity – Extensive cultural coverage is woven into the narrative and on vivid display in images.
  • Engage Students – Research and examples on the similarities and differences in child development across cultures will fascinate students.
  • Personalize Learning – MyDevelopmentLab is online learning. MyDevelopmentLab engages students through personalized learning and helps instructors from course preparation to delivery and assessment.
  • Improve Critical Thinking – Students will learn to think critically about the influence of culture on development. Learning objectives, listed at the start of each chapter and within every section, help students better organize and understand the material.

Child Development: A Cultural Approach, covers prenatal development through adolescence and emerging adulthood and is also available in hardcover, paperback, and à la Carte versions.


“Well-Written and concepts are well explained. Cultural Approach is evident throughout.” – Dr Wallace Smith, Union County College

“The writing style is engaging, especially in the opening stories and all concepts are very clearly explained.” – Colleen Fawcett, Palm Beach State College

“I would seriously consider this ebook for my developmental psychology course which has as its focus birth through adolescence. This book appears to provide the element of culture which is absent from other text books.” – Randolph Manning, Suffolk County Community College

“Child Development: A Cultural Approach provides the student with an overview of the development of children in middle childhood while comparing the development to children from other countries and cultures. The textbook is very easy to read, making it easy for my students to stay engaged and understand the content.” – April Grace, Madisonville Community Colege

“The writing style is engaging. It is straightforward, factual and descriptive without being overwhelming in the volume of concepts trying to be addressed. Sections connect to each other, using supporting features to link one to another. The author has gone out of the way to indicate where related concepts were discussed in previous chapters.” – Carrie Dale, Eastern Illinois University


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