Essential Pharmaceutics (AAPS Introductions in the Pharmaceutical Sciences) – eBook PDF

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  • Authors: Ashlee D. Brunaugh, Hugh D. C. Smyth, Robert O. Williams III
  • File Size: 5 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 193 pages
  • Publisher: Springer
  • Publication Date: November 5, 2019
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0812RCXNT
  • ISBN-10: 3030317447
  • ISBN-13: 9783030317447, 9783030317454


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Essential Pharmaceutics (AAPS Introductions in the Pharmaceutical Sciences) – eBook PDF

Particularly in healthcare fields, there is growing movement away from the traditional lecture-style courses towards active learning and team-based activities to improve learning and build higher-level thinking through the application of complex problems with a strong foundation of facts and data. Essential Pharmaceutics (PDF) is suited to this modern teaching style and is the first ebook of its kind to provide the skills and resources needed for the successful implementation of an active learning pharmaceutics course. This textbook offers a format that is specifically suited for integration in an active learning, team-based classroom setting. It is ideal for self-learning for the beginning pharmaceutics student, based upon the extensive utilization of tables, figures, and its overview of essential topics in pharmaceutics. Also unique to this textbook is the integration of case studies based upon modern pharmaceutical products which are designed to reinforce the importance pharmaceutical concepts and teach essential skills in literature review and patent searching. Case studies covering all topics covered in the text have been developed by the authors that allow the application of the content in the flipped-classroom pharmaceutical course.


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