Psychology of Terrorists: Profiling and CounterAction – eBook PDF

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  • Author: Raymond H. Hamden
  • File Size: 3 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 160 pages
  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • Publication Date: November 20, 2018
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07H4VB81Q
  • ISBN-10: 1439810028
  • ISBN-13: 9781439810026

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Psychology of Terrorists: Profiling and CounterAction – eBook PDF

Hamden’s Psychology of Terrorists: Profiling and CounterAction, (PDF), examines the personality profile of the individual and classifies the psychology of terrorists into four distinguished profiles which are outlined and evaluated in detail. There are many ebooks that cover social psychology and political violence and aggression, but few determine the mind-set of the terrorist as an individual. This includes taking into account personal experiences, and political or religious ideology for the purposes of understanding tactical and conceptual objectives and profiling terrorists to combat terrorist threats.

Dr. Raymond Hamden gives an exclusive look at terrorists as individuals with personal motives and also those of principle. The ebook offers an analysis of terrorists without bias or prejudice for any nationality, political, religious, creed, or race. Too many times the world sees experts emphasize issues that are grounded on their own partialities and predispositions. Though there is criticism of the reliability of profiling, this research shows validity and reliability. It is important to understand terrorist motivations and this can only be attained by “knowing” the terrorists’ psychological character, looking at each terrorist, taking into account specific experiences, psychological makeup, background, and radical ideology.

The Psychology of Terrorists will be a welcomed addition to psychologists, terrorism researchers, criminal profilers, investigators and intelligence professionals, counter- and anti-terrorism experts, as well as military, security, and law enforcement professionals tasked with protecting individuals from the various acts of terrorism, domestically and globally.

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