10 Ways For Finding Grammar Mistakes While Writing An Essay

No one is safe from making mistakes, our brains are just wired to be susceptible to grammar slip-ups. In fact, most grammatical errors don’t happen because one is being careless; they usually happen because one is focused on their writing much more than on the order of letters in a word.

Just think about how quickly we need to access words and interpret meaning when writing a message or working on an essay. Errors don’t usually mean lack of knowledge, they happen rather because we are hyper-focused on conveying the meaning, which is a high-level task for our brains that requires much attention. But still, grammar mistakes can spoil even the most meaningful and exciting text. Therefore, you should proofread everything and make sure that your typos won’t confuse the reader. Let’s have a closer look at different ways of finding grammar mistakes in an essay, so you can make your writing work excellent. 

  • 1. Read specialized materials

To be able to find grammar mistakes in your academic writing, you should read a lot. It’s a well-known fact that the more you read, the better you get at writing. If you spend much time reading specialized literature and learning new terms, you will easily notice if there is something wrong while proofreading a paper. 

  • 2. Google some grammar blogs

Today, grammar blogs have become so popular that many students prefer them to boring books offered at college. The information is typically delivered in an entertaining way, so learning grammar becomes more exciting. To check your essay, you can just copy-paste the text and ask the blog’s audience for a tip. Blog visitors can help you find some errors and explain how to correct them. 

  • 3. Ask your peers for help

Probably, everyone has a friend who is good at writing. If you are sure that some of your peers can help you out, ask them to read your essay and fix it. Don’t be afraid that they can judge you for not being good enough. Remember that real friends won’t think bad of you even if you’ve failed.

  • 4. Turn to essay writing professionals

Today, there is a big variety of services that offer professional writing help. You can get any kind of academic assistance on the Internet now. For instance, you can order an assignment or ask someone to complete your research paper. Also, experts from an essay writing service can proofread your work and correct all the mistakes you’ve made. This kind of help is one of the most reliable because it’s done by people with specialized education, so you can be sure that you’ll get the highest score for your college paper.

  • 5. Talk to your tutor

Not all students are brave enough to turn for help to their tutors. Typically, young people don’t want to look silly in the eyes of their teachers. But still, it’s one of the best ways to find mistakes in your writing because a tutor can not only give you a proper explanation of your weak points but also show how to work on them.

  • 6. Check the dictionary

Even though it might seem outdated, a dictionary is still an effective way to upgrade your essay. If some words you’ve used sound weird to you, check them in the dictionary. Before using compound words, always make sure that the spelling is right so you won’t lose points in the assessment.

  • 7. Buy a grammar guidebook
Man flipping through a grammr book with another grammer related book by his side
Source: Pexels – Credit: @Thirdman94

Before writing any kind of academic paper, prepare a few grammar guidebooks. It’s impossible to write a decent essay if you use only simple sentences and avoid complex grammar structures. And it’s really difficult to avoid grammar mistakes in long sentences if you don’t use a guidebook. So to find and fix errors, always check the rules and instructions in several grammar guides.

  • 8. Use top-lists of grammar mistakes

Such lists offer the most typical mistakes people make while writing. Before proofreading your essay, it would be a great idea to look through the list and find out what mistakes you are more likely to make. Then you’ll be able to recognize your grammar errors much faster and more effectively.

  • 9. Download Word Office

Type your essay in a Word Office document so the program will automatically define your grammar mistakes. It will save you time by providing options for correction because you will not need to look up words in a dictionary.

  • 10. Choose the best online checker

If other methods seem to be too difficult for you, resort to online checkers. They can detect all your mistakes just in a few minutes. You just need to take a few steps to enjoy the result. Find the most reliable tool, add your text into a special area, and choose among a few variants of correction.

Author’s Bio

Michael Turner is an academic writer and student success coach. As a writer, he helps young people complete their assignments and research papers on different subjects. Michael’s coaching job involves encouraging students to form their educational strategies and achieve their study goals. He also helps them realize their own strengths and weaknesses, develop habits of self-reflection, and embody a growth mindset.

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