Is It Forever? 7 Predictions for the Education Industry in 2021

It seems like the education field has been rather conservative for a long time. However, in 2020, the approach towards learning has transformed in record time.

Schools and universities all over the world switched to distance education which appears to be the main trend of 2021 as well. Progress does not stand still. Both teachers and students are mastering the latest digital tools. The e-learning industry offers new solutions in response to today’s challenges.

Of course, everyone wants to know what learning will look like in 2021. So, we’ve gathered 7 predictions for the education industry. Read this article to keep abreast!

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Learning Systems and Risks

With the LMS (Learning Management Systems), teachers track student progress and evaluate their knowledge. We are well familiar with Google Classroom, Moodle, or Frog, and the market for new LMS systems will continue to grow. At the same time, it bears some risks.

As LMS are gaining more popularity, there are more phishing sites imitating learning platforms and video conferencing services. Such sites steal personal data and spread spam. Besides, LMS systems remain vulnerable to unknown potential threats. Zoom bombing in one of them – in such incidents Internet trolls interfere in a video-conference call. Typically, the result is the shutdown of a session.

Thus, online education may be challenging. With the beginning of distance learning, more and more students find it hard to improve their GPA. Some struggle to meet the deadlines since the number of assignments grows with each semester.

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Video Services

Such platforms as YouTube, Netflix, SchoolTube, and KhanAcademy will become one of the most admired tools for learning. Why? Their users are creating more and more useful content. Basically, some teachers even think of adding these materials to their curriculum.

In fact, about 60% of educators are already using YouTube in their classes. They believe that video materials can enrich the educational process since vivid images evoke emotions. Thus, students remember the information better.

Social Media

No doubt, Instagram and Twitter can increase student engagement both during and after class. It is also a convenient way for teachers to interact with learners.

On the other hand, there is a problem with regulating inappropriate content (offensive comments, cyberbullying). Educators and service administrators have to filter it out which is time-consuming. Moderating content on social media and in online group chats, especially public ones, is even more challenging.


Almost every school student knows about learning with Minecraft. In addition to this game, there are many other services (While True: Learn, Classcraft, Roblox, etc). Gamification is becoming a trend because of its interactivity. This learning environment is able to respond to the students’ actions, start a dialogue with them and keep them involved. Isn’t it great?

By playing a game, you can complete non-standard tasks that develop both logical and creative thinking. Moreover, every game implies competition, which has always been an amazing motivator to perform better.

The Teacher’s Role

A teacher used to be the main source of knowledge for a long time, but with the outbreak of the pandemic, everything has changed. Some teachers found themselves disoriented and confused. And now students learn more on their own – they have lots of tools for that, after all.

Therefore, the teacher’s role will transform. Educators will become facilitators and mentors. Their main task will no longer be delivering information but also organizing students and motivating them to use their full potential. Teachers will learn to respond to the challenges of the time along with students, being their mentors.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered apps have the power to rule the world. They can recognize languages, diagnose diseases, drive a car, generate texts in writing apps, etc. It is no surprise that people use them in a greater number of areas each day. Education is no exception. In 2021, more schools will have access to AI programs that will:

  • Keep track of attendance and grades;
  • Analyze student progress and check various tests;
  • Draw up an individual program for each student, depending on their academic performance and abilities.

Besides, more schools will use AI for automated management of the school, namely security issues, scanning students’ faces, and controlling energy costs.

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The term STEM is not new. This learning technique has been used in tech specialties for years now. It stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It’s an approach to education that has some specific features:

  • Students apply knowledge in practice – in laboratories, they can see how certain processes happen. For example, some schools use underwater robots to collect samples of river soil for geography lessons;
  • Engineering is of great importance – designing a model of a bridge or a volcano is no longer fiction;
  • Visualization tools like whiteboards or flip charts are used on an everyday basis as well.

Nowadays, one extra area is being added to the traditional four concepts of STEM, and this is art. Teachers believe that knowledge of these five subjects will help students to become highly qualified in the future. Ultimately, they strive to develop new skills and immediately apply them to practice.

Final Thoughts

At the first glance, educational institutions have lost their main advantages because of the epidemics. Schools and colleges are no longer the only knowledge base or place for live communication. However, educators are finding ways to make the learning process engaging.

In 2021 teachers will be using tools that students truly love. Platforms traditionally used for entertainment (YouTube, Netflix, social media, podcasts, or games), will gain even more popularity in the education industry. This trend along with AI and brand-new platforms helps us look into the future with optimism.

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