Original Short Story: A Terrifying Night

In the middle of the night, I was alone, driving back home, it was indeed a long day at the office, and I was thrilled to return home with my family. The night was tranquil, it was one of those nights when you think everything is fine and you just want to get there fast, but it wasn’t like that. On the way back I notice that my car starts to emit bizarre noises, for about five minutes I thought it was just my imagination for the fatigue, in one of those moments my car comes to a complete stop and to my surprise the car broke down completely. I desperately tried to call the road service for assistance, but unfortunately, my phone was dead, and I didn’t have a backup power source.

I walked for about thirty minutes on the lonely road, at that moment I realize that there is a house very close to where I am. I approached this abandoned home with a lot of fear to ask for help; I was terrified. I knocked on the door with a lot of concern, and it just opened itself, as someone was waiting for me, for a moment I thought that something terrible was meant for me. Anyway, I walked into the house, and it was totally dark. I walked into the living room and heard some strange noises coming from an adjacent room, for my terrifying surprise when I entered, someone threw himself at me with a knife, stabbing me very hard. I was able to defend myself from this person, but I could not move well. I was bleeding to death as I walked, the cuts he made were profound. Between fear and adrenaline, I managed to get to a house in the distance from the site, these people helped me by healing my wounds and saving my life somehow. In fact, the person who was chasing me was a mentally ill person who killed anyone who came to their home, that was the only thing these people told me that they gave me their help.

The next day I made it home, and I just couldn’t explain to my family what had happened to me, I decided to lie to them, I just said it was an accident at work. I guess I’ll take this horrible moment to the grave and maybe no one knows in hell that I lived that night.

By Anonymous

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