Signs of a Leader Vs a Follower In Business: How to Become a Leader

In the business industry, there has to be a perfect balance of leaders and followers. However, if it is in your goal or dream to rise and become a leader, here’s an article telling you that it is possible. Being a leader is not always just purely dependent on your actions, but on your character as well. It is not about the title that you hold, nor is it about the position that you have. Being a leader is about having the heart to care for and nurture others, while at the same time being persuasive enough to run the whole business towards success.

This article gives you the signs and how to’s if you are leaning towards becoming a leader.

  1. You should go beyond your job description.

If you want to be a leader, you must be willing to contribute more to the business than just doing and accomplishing your day-to-day tasks. You must have initiative, and think of ways to strive and go further, or to do tasks that are way above your job description. As a follower, you will see your job description as a cage to which you belong, deciding that you can and will only do so much as what your job entails. If you want to be a leader, you should use this job description as a stepping-stone for you to contribute more and bring more to the table for the business.

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  1. You know how to set goals, and have a vision to inspire your followers.

A leader is also someone who knows how to set goals and uses these goals as a vision to inspire everyone in the business. These goals should not be meant to pressure other employees, but should motivate them to allow them to see the bigger picture of what it is that the business can achieve through them. A natural leader is someone who can effectively use this vision to increase self-worth in their subordinates, such that these followers to do not just see themselves as miniscule individuals who cannot contribute towards success. Remember that when you work in business, everyone has at least one positive thing to give towards success each day.

  1. You are confident in your skills and capabilities.

As a leader, you should be confident enough in the skills and abilities that you possess. Hence, you do not see the skills and assets of others as a threat against you. As a leader, you must always see the good in everything, and if you can visualize someone else as having more talents than you do, you will know how to maximize the ability of others towards achieving the higher goal of the company. Because you are a leader, you know how important it is to work hand in hand with others in the business, rather than seeing the gifts of others as a threat towards your own success.

  1. You know how to delegate tasks.

One of the most common mistakes committed by people in the business industry who strive to become leaders is that they fail to delegate tasks. They think that they can accomplish everything all by themselves. This is a false notion. You are not a leader if you do everything by yourself.

A leader has the characteristics of an excellent manager; hence, as the term suggests, you know how to manage people. Part of managing your team is in the act of assigning tasks to each person based on their individual strengths. By doing so, you are performing better in leading your whole team towards business-wide success.

  1. You are an optimistic person.

The business industry does not always flow on a positive route. It is natural that there are bad days, and there are good days. However, on the bad days, a great leader doesn’t sulk and see these days as a lack of opportunity. Instead, as a leader, you must use these dark and difficult days in business to see what it is you can do to make the most out of adverse situations and turn them around.

An excellent leader doesn’t dwell on negative and unfortunate situations. Instead, they keep themselves occupied by working hand in hand with every member of the team to revert these adverse situations into more positive ones.


signs of a leader

With this article, you can safely conclude that being a leader really is less about the power that you hold, but more about your heart of service towards all the forces in your business. A leader doesn’t dictate and control, but inspires, motivates and influences their followers to be the best. If you are looking towards becoming a leader in the business industry, keep this article in mind, and with baby steps, you will inevitably reach the top of the ladder.

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