Ten Tips To Get Some Perfect Homemade Cookies

Use butter at room temperature , this way it will mix better with dry ingredients, such as sugar and flour, and it will help us to maintain the shape of the cookies when we bake them. The quickest way to get butter with the right texture is to cut it into large pieces and grate it. At Baked Comfort Food you will find most suitable tips to make homemade cookies.

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Using eggs at room temperature , that will make the whites and yolks mix more evenly in the dough. Obtaining eggs at room temperature is easy, just place them in a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes.

butter and sugar well

until they form a smooth cream. Thus the sugar crystals will help aerate the
butter by creating air bubbles. If we beat them for about 10 minutes, we’ll get
spongy cookies when we bake them.

the amount of flour to get some cookies more tender
, because an excess of flour
makes the resulting cookies are hard as rocks. It is therefore advisable to
scrape the amount of flour with a knife if we measure it in tablespoons or
remove a small amount if we measure it in grams.

the dough before baking
, leaving the dough in the fridge at least half an hour
before baking the cookies makes, apart from being easier to handle the dough,
it enhances the flavor of the butter, since the ingredients have had time to

Put a
little coarse sea salt on the chocolate cookies
, this will enhance the
flavor of the cocoa and make the final result completely irresistible.

the cutters before cutting the cookies
, in this way the dough is easily loosened
from it when placed on the baking tray. For the same reason it is also
advisable to flour the rolling pin.

the temperature of the oven the last minutes of cooking
, this will prevent the
outside of the cookie is too crispy before the interior finishes the baking.

cookies from oven when they are still soft
, cookies burn easily and many times we do not
think they are “done” when in fact they are perfect. The thick
cookies are made when leaving a small footprint when pressing its surface,
while the thinner or crunchy ones are made when they are firm to the touch and
have slightly light brown edges.

the cookies cool completely before storing them
, otherwise the condensation
accumulates, the cookies will be soaked and will not be crispy.

Secrets Of The Mass To Make Perfect Homemade Cookies

To Bake Perfect Homemade Cookies:

The oven must be preheated to the
temperature indicated by the recipe, with heat up and down and no fan.

We must place the tray halfway up or in the slot
that is immediately below the central, never below the whole or above the

We must bear in mind that no two ovens are the
, so the first time we bake a recipe we must be vigilant even before
the time marked by the recipe.

Cookies should still be soft when we remove
them from the oven
and let them cool completely in a rack. During the
cooling they will harden, so if we wait until they are hard in the oven, when
they cool they will end up being stones.

How To Keep Our Perfect
Homemade Cookies:

The good thing about perfect homemade cookies is that if they are stored well they are kept in perfect condition for many days. To store them you have to wait for them to cool completely and then store them in an airtight canister or in a cellophane bag that we will keep inside a can. They can also be frozen in a tightly closed bag or bag. Then to consume them you simply have to let them thaw at room temperature preferably on a grid.

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