Perks of Being a Student in the USA

Every year, thousands of applicants from various countries fly overseas for the desired diploma. Does admission to an American university guarantee a successful career? Education in the United States has long been a commodity of international demand, along with the Walk of fame in Hollywood. We consider a diploma from an American University a guarantee of a successful career in your own country, and often this view is true.

Before a long-term trip, many of us want to know as much as possible about what awaits us upon arrival. This does not just concern the educational part of programs. Besides the institution, academic load, and areas of study, participants are interested in other aspects of life. Where you live, where you eat, where you socialize – all this makes up a vital part of your impressions of your student years. 

We fully share this approach and try to offer useful information. This article will focus on what awaits you if you go to an American university to receive higher education. 


Depending on the institution’s chosen view and the field of study, you’ll find a variety of activities: standard lectures in large halls, seminars in small groups with closer contact with the teacher, various types of practical tasks, research, and projects. Those of you, who need help in completing academic assignments, click to choose any writing service offered by professionals.

Moreover, the American Universities facilitate participation in conferences for best students, internships in local and international companies, practical work with patients, medical students, and various forms of classes for designers, and other artistic trends.


We can compare a university or campus to a separate state because most of them are gigantic. Campuses have citizens – students of various specialties in front of them on the site; all the doors are open. There is an opportunity to use extensive library materials and use various types of sports centers (gyms, swimming pools, game rooms, playgrounds, fields, and stadiums).

Sites are maintained by armies of technical workers, so you can make yourself comfortable with your friends after classes, or find a quiet place to prepare for classes.


Most college campuses offer a wide variety of organizations and events. Where can you find friends with the same interests, train as a team, perform on stage, and make your student years the most memorable? In student associations, you can find radio and television stations, newspapers, sports teams, and clubs where you can meet inspiring people and have quality time.

4 girl students holding books taking a group selfie

These organizations are looking for new members and will be eager to accept you. Choose one direction and go ahead! Besides, local universities have an international society. There is a student events office where you can learn about what is happening in the social, cultural, and sports life of the campus.


The time you spend at a university is important, but the time you spend on campus is equally significant. Whether you live in one of the residences or rent an apartment with friends off-site is up to you. Both options have their advantages: it is convenient to live on campus, because the place of study is nearby, and it is profitable to share an apartment with friends.

According to statistics, most first-year students (72%) choose to live in a campus residence. Whatever decision you make, the aim is that you will live comfortably, and you have a place where you can relax, socialize, and focus on your studies. Every college tries to help students find their second home here.


Studying is an energy-consuming process, and students don’t have to go home to cook something to eat to replenish their calorie supply. Institutions pay special attention to the nutrition of their students. Once you get hungry on campus at that moment, you can always find a nearby place to eat.

There are all types of public catering establishments with an assortment for every taste and vending machines with food. You can also buy the necessary products in advance at a supermarket in the city.


An important part of a student’s life is the acquisition of work experience. In the USA, you can work both on and off-campus, or take the first steps in your career by working in one of the companies. Foreigners are eligible to earn extra work based on an F-1 visa. The maximum number of hours per week during the academic period is 20 hours.

Students work part-time from the 2nd year of study when the studying process is established, and they have assimilated. Learners work part-time on campus, in cafes, shops, labs, gyms, and off-site — for campus-service. The income level for one hour ranges from $7.25 to $12.5, depending on the type of work.

Advantages of studying in the USA

Today, the United States has the largest number of international students in the world. What are the advantages of studying there?

International students note the following advantages of obtaining higher education in the USA.

  • Bright student life and the opportunity to travel.
  • Expanded package of mandatory medical insurance.
  • An opportunity to earn extra money while studying.
  • Training is conducted in small groups of 10-15 people.
  • Special attention is paid to comfortable accommodation.
  • 7 of the top 10 universities around the globe are in the USA.
  • After training, graduates have broad employment prospects.
  • Universities use innovative technologies and training programs.
  • You have a chance to take part in research activities during studies.
  • The American education system is recognized as among the best worldwide.

Will American education pay off?

Studying in America can be a unique experience and play a key role in the development of your professional career. However, choosing a university should be a task for two years ahead. You need to thoroughly study the institution, choose open scholarships, and prepare for exams.

Will American education pay off
  • Universities at the top of the ranking provide education with world-class professors, practice in the best companies, and international connections after the program ends.
  • A medium-sized college will not cost less, but provide none of the privileges.

Therefore, if there is an opportunity to study in the USA, it makes sense to enter only the best institutions. Note that the more prestigious the institution, the easier it is to afford “free education.”

Life-long experience

The popularity of American Universities among foreign citizens is due to the provision of quality education, broad prospects, and an extensive selection of modern specialties. The student years are a time for studying and preparing for a career and discovering talents and traveling to new places. You can make friends from all over the world and learn a lot about life.

In brief, the student life is interesting and rich, and no article can convey the fullness and depth of the feelings that accompany learning. Living in dorms, taking part in sports or academic competitions, socializing in clubs, and volunteering in communities are elements of the learner experience. Many graduates remember their college days as the best days of their lives.

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