Short Story: I Found Love Unexpected

For a long time, I considered myself a lonely person, as I had had some love disappointments in my life and never thought I would fall in love again. For a long time, I’ve been shopping at a store near my house; I went there every day on a routine basis. One day I notice that the person in charge of the box was a gorgeous woman, blonde with long hair and beautiful blue eyes, as usual, I come to pay and notice that she smiles at me in a lovely way. This continued for several months, it was the same thing, I went to the store, bought, and when I paid for this beautiful woman, I smiled especially at me.

One rainy winter day, I came from the city in my car when at a perilous time my vehicle slips down the frozen road until I hit a tree, nothing terrible happened to me, I came at a deficient speed, but my car broke down completely. In the middle of the storm I tried to call a friend to help me get back, but I noticed that my phone had broken down at the time of the collision with the tree. After about an hour waiting for help, a car comes and stops, this person took me a few miles ahead to a nearby town. Already at the site, I run to the nearest house to ask for help. To my surprise when I knock on the door, it was the house of that beautiful woman of the store. When we looked at each other staring at each other just time stopped for both, neither of us could believe the most remote possibility of finding ourselves in that situation. She invited me into his house to warm me up. We were talking for hours and hours, I took advantage of the moment to express what I felt for her, and she very blushing confessed the same thing to me, there was always that love from the day I met her in the store. After talking all night and in the coming months we become a couple, we decided to give ourselves the opportunity to be happy with the person we love.

Many people say that love is found when you least expect it, or at least it happens once in a lifetime, well, in my opinion, it happens extraordinarily and unusually like seeing it in the middle of a storm.

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